Apparently, shedding a few tears over my morning yesterday really freaked out my staff and my partners. I was asked all day long how my kids were doing, if they were feeling better. While I appreciated the concern expressed about my children, it was really not about them. Everyone was worried about me. I NEVER cry. At least not as far as they are aware. And if I am honest with myself, my heart still feels a bit bruised.

So, I sit here sipping chamomile tea and eating a ginger chocolate chip cookie.

An aside: Seriously, you need to try this recipe on Epicurious…it will change how you look at cookies for the rest of your life!

I feel I should say something profound. Surely, somewhere in my head there is something profound? Honestly, my brain is mush. Between a full day of patients (everyone showed up today) and two meetings, kids, and then listening to board prep CDs on my commute back and forth, I’ve got nuthin’ left to give.  The dishes will stand dirty tonight.

So I will leave you with this thought:  Vulnerability.  It is hard to give yourself the permission to be vulnerable.  I am on the fence about it.  On the one hand, a cry was very therapeutic.  On the other, I am embarrassed by the visible chink in my armor.

Now they know who I am!

I should have closed the door.


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