Waiting Room

I spent a lot of time on the drive home this evening worrying what I would write about. Now that I have a few followers (Oh, wow!) I feel great pressure to find something pithy and profound to say.

But my brain is not letting me relax, even now.

Some days, I never catch up.

It all started out fine. I got the kids to daycare with minimal screaming, got the to the office, started up all of my electronic devices, and was ready to go when the first patient arrived.

Things seemed to be going well.

Then came the first call from another specialist wanting me pulled from a room. Then a radiologist with STAT results. Then a terribly abnormal lab result that then resulted in an emergency call to a patient. I was constantly apologizing to everyone for running late. I hate that!

By the time the lunch hour rolled around, what little time was left was spent signing papers and catching up on charting.

The afternoon was even worse than the morning with hospital follow-ups (hundreds of pages of records to wade through), two patients who were crying because they were distressed about outside issues, an emergency work in, and several very sick new patients that I had to learn from scratch.

By the end of the day, I was running an hour and a half late. That was so embarrassing. Of course, I begged forgiveness of everyone and I steeled myself for snarky comments or glares because truthfully, I don’t think I would wait around like that for anyone.

But, no one was ugly!

I am blessed to have very understanding patients and staff. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your patience, even though you will probably never see this. I am so grateful to you for not making me feel small for trying to make sure than everyone got what they needed from me today.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow has GOT to be a better day! Right?


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