My son got in trouble today for sneaking into the new neighbor’s house. They have a little boy about his age that he likes to talk to over the fence. We have not yet gotten together with them. They seem nice, but I am wary for several reasons.

First, you get to know quickly in my profession that people are rarely who they want you to believe that they are. This is not generally a problem. I am not going to judge….unless my kids are involved. Then, I am trying to guess your secrets. We all have secrets.

Second, my kid is a very active, very vocal child who I am afraid will be judged negatively by outsiders. For instance, he got in trouble at daycare just after he turned three for locking ALL of the bathroom stalls from the inside and crawling out underneath. That was after he mooned everyone during nap time. I admit that I am just a wee bit proud of this (not that I will ever tell him this until he is a grown man). I would have never been brave enough or creative enough to do that as a kid. But, that sort of thing does not make other parents like you, which is a problem when they live next door!

And lastly, being in this profession I have learned to be very careful who I allow into my inner circle. Most of my friends are wonderful and do not take advantage of our friendship. But others have been downright ugly. This a serious problem when they try to seek medical care from me. Privacy laws dictate that I cannot tell anyone what occurs in the course of your care without your permission. But let’s say you act a fool in my office and are abusive to my staff but decide to tell mutual friends a series of lies about that. Well, I have no legal or ethical way to defend myself.

So I struggle with all of this and the whole being called a “prude” when I was a kid because my silence was misinterpreted. I can be bubbly and outgoing as a professional persona when I am in a position of power, but that is not who I am in real life. It is very difficult to go ring the doorbell and ask if our kids can play together.

But I don’t think I can avoid it any longer. Gonna bake some cookies tonight!


2 thoughts on “Overtures

  1. Hm, I’ve never thought of this aspect before…that is something I will have to consider carefully in future years.
    Also, your kid has spirit! Don’t let anyone slowly beat that personality out of him. 🙂


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