Until a couple of months ago I carried a pager. The weight of that psychological ball and chain was immense. It followed me around for years. Not to mention the fact that it made me look fat when I wore it on my waistband and meant that I could not wear a dress because there was not anything to clip it to.

So, why the hell in the age of smart phones, have I been wearing a piece of 1980’s technology? Really good question. It has to do with encryption and security. Never mind the fact that it is not password protected.

Well, at long last that issue has been resolved. So, now, despite the fact that I am still on call, I feel like painting my face blue, throwing on a kilt, and riding a horse at breakneck speed while bellowing “Freedom!!!!” at the top of my lungs.

But, since blue wode paint is a challenge to clean off and would probably cause my face to break out, I placed that little black box under my right rear tire and drove over it. Twice.

That was gratifying.


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