“Never trust a computer you can’t throw out a window.” – Steve Wozniak

IT people that I work with kill me. I do not even fathom or comprehend what they do. They cannot fathom or comprehend what I do. We live in utterly dichotomous worlds that only overlap on the fringes. As a consequence, we are the bane of each other’s existence.

Truthfully, I don’t trust technology. It can be very, very helpful. Or really, really awful. The more helpful it is, the more awful it is when it doesn’t work.

It often doesn’t work.

The past two weeks have been awful from an IT standpoint at work. I won’t bore you with details that I barely understand. Suffice it to say, that I had very violent feelings about our IT people.

Often they like to use the phrase, “User error.” This is IT lingo for, “You Suck!” Unfortunately, there is not a phrase I can use back at them when it is actually their fault. If there were, I would have used it repeatedly this week.

In the end, I have realized, it is not all their fault. Maybe. They are carrying out bad policy from elsewhere. Meanwhile, my patients, my staff, and I get caught in the middle. Someone has to pay…

So I have said all of this to say that I pledge this week to say something nice to an IT person. They are people with feelings, too. And we are all part of the same team.


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