Purple Polka Dotted People Eater

Quite a bit of what I do as a physician is rote. Diabetes. High blood pressure. Back pain. They all follow certain “best care guidelines” that are pretty standard.

The thing about all of those ailments is that really the only challenge to it is learning how to get patients to do what they are supposed to and do it with a smile on their faces.

Sometimes that is really fun! I love getting to see patients take control of their lives and get off of medications.

MUCH of the time, though, they don’t do what they need to do in order to take care of themselves. That can get depressing very quickly.

Every once in a while I get a patient who is very sick with weird complaints. They see specialist after specialist after specialist. No one can fix them. I hear the story, recognize the pattern, order the confirmatory test and BAM! We have a diagnosis.

THIS is why I am in primary care: I get to see the whole picture. Those specialists aren’t stupid. They just don’t get the benefit of the whole story.

I love my job!!!


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