Staff Meeting

I was looking back on notes from an old staff meeting last year and I thought, WOW! This sounds like the conversation I have with my kids every other day of late:

“I am watching. I am fully aware of everyone’s short comings, and they will be addressed as necessary. Help each other. Be kind and respectful of yourselves and of each other. Do not judge. Do not sabotage. Do not provoke. Show love.”

Our own success grows when we help others succeed. I have to personally remind myself of this on a regular basis. It is so hard sometimes, when we feel like we are in competition with everyone around us. Siblings are the worst at it. Seriously…the worst! But, I guess we never really grow out of it, huh?


3 thoughts on “Staff Meeting

  1. i hope we do, other wise my site is never going to achieve its goal….hope is my kids were dogs and cats when young but now as adults they are attached to each’s well being. I would like to think its the parenting which builds the base..So I like your help each other….


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