Study Hall

I waited to have children until relatively late in life. Lots of things went into that decision and right or wrong, here I am!

I joke that I will be the only mom at high school graduation utilizing a walker. On some levels I am sad that I waited so long since I won’t be the cool grandmother in her forties taking the grandkids to the amusement park and riding the coasters with them…my osteoporosis will make that too risky…compression fractures from G-forces and all that.

So many of the people I went to high school with now have kids attending senior prom this weekend. Or are grandparents already. How cool is that?

So, why am I thinking about this? I am trying to study for my ten year board exam retake with two needy preschoolers in my house. I love them, I do. But studying? Impossible!

If it were golf, I would ask for a handicap.

But it isn’t.

So, refreshing my memory about the radiographic appearance of coccidiomycosis is punctuated by screams and hugs and story books and poopie diapers that only mamma is qualified to address.

No worries. I’ve got this!


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