Is This What Jail Feels Like?

There is nothing like taking a computer based exam at a testing facility to make you wonder…

I stood on the square on the floor in front of the camera while I was instructed to pull up my skirt to show my legs, lift up my shirt sleeves to expose my arms, reverse my pants pockets, turn around, lift my jacket to expose my buttocks, reverse my back pockets. Then the wand was swept over me front and back (too bad it was not a magic wand that could shrink those buttocks). I was signed in with my ID and then every ten minutes a staff person walked past looking me to make sure I was not cheating. As if the camera in front of me filming the whole time was not enough.

The check in exposure and sweep procedure had to be repeated for every break. I think I will hold my pee and starve, thank you!

Then, I sat in a tiny cubical for hours and hours with sparse furnishings and very little to do, feeling a bit violated and a bit like a criminal.

Oh, well. Shrug. That is done, moving on!



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