I have listened to board review lectures in the car for months, so now that the exam is over I am enjoying the silence during my commute.

When there is silence, though, my mind wanders to some strange places. Today I was reflecting on all of the things medical school did not properly prepare me for.

For instance, geographic tongue may be a benign condition but it hurts, particularly when you eat anything spicy or acidic. We were taught it was relatively painless. Liars.

Or hand, foot, and mouth disease…you can get that as an adult (thank you, son). And it hurts. It hurts quite a lot, actually. I was maxed out on ibuprofen for a week just so I could type and walk. If it is not supposed to hurt in adults very much at all, the next pediatric patient that shows up in my office with hand, foot, and mouth disease gets a prescription for hydrocodone because dang

Pregnancy. I don’t care how much prenatal care you give or how many babies you deliver, nothing can prepare you for all of the crap that comes with pregnancy until you live it. Gums bleeding, vision changes, hoards of new skin tags, hair falling out six months after delivery, Raynauds of the nipples (yes that can happen and it is excruciatingly painful), swollen hoohah, etc. No one warns you that sooner or later your breast pump will start talking to you…mine said, “I suck, you suck. I suck, you suck.”

I could go on. But I won’t. Suffice it to say, suffering makes you a better physician and I highly recommend it!


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