Ready, Set…Go!

Do all little boys take forever to get dressed? I have clocked an average of 20 minutes for my son to get his clothes on in the morning.

I never expected this to be the case. Intuitively you would think a boy would just want to throw something on and be done with it. Girls would naturally take longer getting it “right”, primping and preening

Not so in my house, apparently.

Interestingly, my son likes to play with the items of clothing themselves. Need a cape? A whip? What about a slingshot? Any manner of new utilization potential is explored every morning. Each item of clothing that does actually make it onto his body in the correct orientation is then celebrated with an action figure adventure. Ack!!! I am going mad!

My daughter, on the other hand, is so excited about getting dressed up and looking beautiful that she focuses, by golly. Primping and preening? Forget about it. She does not have the time for that. All she needs is clothing that fits a certain criteria (pink, lacy, frilly, pink, sparkly, and pink) and it really does not matter how it fits or how it goes on or how it matches with anything else. Heck, more is better. Put it ALL on! Then she is ready to prance about, showing it all off.

I love my kids!!!


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