Bright Eyed and Bushy-tailed

I used to deeply loathe the taste of coffee. I disliked the bitter unpleasantness on my tongue even if the smell itself was divine. I tried and tried to like it but my taste buds always cried foul.

Then, someone invented flavored creamers, specifically salted caramel mocha. I would drink this all day long if my body could stand up to that much caffeine!

So here I am working on my second LARGE cup as the kids and I are making those accursed muffins. I lift my mug once more and toast the researchers that determined there are actually health benefits to drinking coffee. My hands are starting to shake ever so slightly, signaling that I have reached that perfect level of inebriation and I say a quick prayer of thanksgiving for coffee and my salted caramel mocha creamer!


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