The Power of the Dark Side

“Mommy, I hate this food!” Cue high pitched wail.

“Baby, you haven’t even tried it.”

“I HATE it! I am NOT going to eat.”

“If you want to watch Star Wars and eat popcorn, you have to eat.” It is May the Fourth after all! Obi-Wan, you are my only hope…

The fork gets thrown. A time out ensues.

I made Ropa Vieja. It has cooked all day and is simply divine. But dinner is ruined by petulant children who would rather not eat something that looks like an old lady’s funeral clothes. Go figure.

Eventually, we will have a dinnertime without blood curdling screams. I long for that day. But tonight it is Star Wars for the win, and they do choke down enough food to warrant some movie time.

Thank you, Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia!!!


5 thoughts on “The Power of the Dark Side

  1. I had a strict, you eat it or you go hungry rule. I never wavered, and they might have bitched, but they usually at least picked at it. THANKFULLY, they all grew out of it, and they all eat well now. I promise you…someday, they will beg for the same food that they complain about. 🙂


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