Rock STAR!

I have a ritual with my kids as I leave them at daycare. As I unpack their breakfast, I review the word of the day, a spelling/reading game that I draw on their napkins.

They have to ID the letters and then sound out the word. Once they have guessed the word, they get to see the doodle that illustrates the world.

This has become very popular in my daughter’s class. ALL of the kids chant “Word of the day!!! Word of the day!!!” when we enter he room. They all gather round and help with the letters.

Today’s word was STAR after which the class broke into a rousing rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Then, they all lined up one by one to give me a hug good-bye.

I don’t mind saying I felt pretty special. Sort of like a preschool rock STAR!!!


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