I was doing research a while back on “natural” things to do to treat stress and anxiety. Specifically, things that have some sort of study showing they were beneficial in some way. Here is the list I compiled:

1. Forgive
2. Four servings of oily fish a week
3. Treat allergies
4. Exercise but avoid vigorous exercise
5. Get busy with something that will occupy your mind
6. Ginseng tea
7. Get plants

There is probably more, but I stopped there, getting distracted by Lord only knows what at the time. Looking back on it today, I decided that personally I was hosed.

Forgive? Maybe. That usually takes me years. Oily fish four times a week? Gag! I can barely do one. Treat allergies. Yeah, you can only do so much. Exercise but not vigorously? Oh, I’ve got that! Occupy the mind? Could be why I started blogging/writing. Ginseng tea? Meh. Plants? Only if someone else waters them. There is a wise Erma Bombeck quote about that:

“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is my contribution for tonight!


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