Silence is NOT Golden

When exceptionally frustrated, my mother used to shout, “Silence is golden!!!” I would always role my eyes secretly (so I would not get beaten by blunt objects) and wonder what the hell she meant by that. Who says silence is golden? Why should I care? I don’t get to have any of the gold.

Now, it is a well known fact around mothers that when your kids get quiet, you better stop whatever you are doing pronto and go check on what is going on because invariably the wee ones are up to no good. Playdoh rubbed into the living room rug. Permanent black marker mural on the pristine cram colored wall in the foyer. Or my personal favorite, a flour “snow storm” on the kitchen floor and on baby sister. “Look mom! The abominable snowman!”

I have also learned, after years of employing staff, that silence in the office does not really mean things are going well. No. It means they are plotting against you. You have GOT to keep them laughing or bad things will ensue. Nothing says I love and appreciate you like being able to cut up and play practical jokes on each other, particularly when you are in a fast paced, super demanding field like medicine. Suffice it to say, things have been much too quiet of late. I am going to have to do some plotting…


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