Sushi Slime

You know when your worst nightmare comes true? When you are in a crowded restaurant and all of a sudden you fall? All eyes are on you while you are on the ground, motionless. Mouths open. Staring.

Me. Tonight.

EXCEPT, that my left foot apparently slid on some sort of slimy debris in the floor. It was a sushi restaurant. My foot slipped forward until my leg was pointing straight out in front of me and I landed on my right knee. With my daughter in my left arm and the giant diaper bag/purse in my right I essentially performed a modified split. In front of a restaurant full of people who knew who I was because I am one of the town doctors.

And actually, it was quite graceful! I was not embarrassed at all after the first 10 seconds once I processed everything. Perfect form, nothing got dropped, and there was no blood shed. Ta-da!

I got up on my own without assistance because no one, not even the man in the front row seat (the table not 12 inches from me that was likely the source of the afore mentioned slime) got up to help me. I am still reeling from that. Everyone stared. No one helped.


Maybe because it was so graceful, smiling to maintain poise in spite of the pain, and no one thought getting up out of that position with your arms full would be that big of a deal. Possible. Perhaps it is because still in this small town there is some mystical power held by (the doctor) and people thought I would be offended? Or maybe it is because doctors are not supposed to make mistakes, that helping would be acknowledging that the doctor is not in fact perfect and no one wants to have to deal with the implications of that?

Oh, well. It is over and done with. I am going to slap some ice on this knee and pop a few ibuprofen. That will make everything better!


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