“Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change.” – Confucius

We are in the midst of a lot of changes with our electronic health record. And to be honest, I want to throw myself on the ground and pound my fists into the floor while screaming like a two year old: “I WILL NOT CHANGE because your changes suck!”

We have been told by the powers that be that a ton of extra work is necessary with each office visit to have the functionality we need. The function everyone else has with their superior electronic health records.

In the end, having the functionality will be worth the extra work. I hope. It is embarrassing that we have not had these capabilities long ago.

But add that to the clinic roof leaking for the umpteenth time, getting stiffed on the rent and screwed over on a subsidy, having spotty Internet access and EHR instability, and feeling that the people who need to care don’t actually care…

Why can’t it just be easy to focus on the patients?


Alright. Rant over. Moving on.


6 thoughts on “Aaaaarrrrrgggghhh!

  1. Yes, I went through the same frustrations when our hospital changed everything to electronic… I felt the phrase ‘old dogs can’t learn new tricks’, give me a pen’n paper any day! And I totally agree, med school never taught me IT, let alone how to run a business, dealing w landlords, paying bills, running expense books, tax minimalisation, employee dispute blah blah blah! Just let me be what I am trained to do – I love cutting up people!!!!


    • Amen. When I started working with this conglomerate ten years ago, I was working WITH them. Now I am working FOR them and the culture shift is particularly difficult to swallow when you feel you are pushed to produce, produce, produce but you cannot get the support you need to take care of the minutia effectively. I wonder where healthcare will be in another ten years and some days I wonder if I even want to be around to find out.


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