Last night I was getting ready to brush the munchkins’ teeth, putting pink toothpaste on the pink toothbrush and blue toothpaste on the blue toothbrush (curse you Procter & Gamble for making me buy two of everything) when I looked up at my reflection in the mirror.


My earrings did not match. Not one bit.

I have a hobby that I started in residency….jewelry making. Sitting on call late at night when I could not go to sleep, I made jewelry and sold it. The income supported my hobby. I used sterling silver and semiprecious and precious gems and pearls, eventually branching out into 14K gold. It may be the ugliest call night ever but I usually had something beautiful to show for it in the end.

Some of the best pieces I saved for myself. One being a magnificent giant dark gray pearl necklace and matching two tiered earrings. This was the set I had intended to put on yesterday morning before heading to the office. It perfectly accented my dress.

What I ended up wearing was the necklace and one earring. In the other ear, I had a small white freshwater pearl dangling from a garnet. How the hell do you do something like that? The weight, the feel, the size…completely different. Kids. Kids do that to you. Instead of checking your reflection in the mirror, you are making sure no acts of vandalism are perpetrated on the way out the door.

The ultimate betrayal, however, is that not one single person brought it to my attention. No patients or staff or even my own family, said to me at any point, “Hey, doc, your jewelry doesn’t match!” I know they knew. It is like having toilet paper trailing out of your pants. You cannot miss that sort of thing when it is that obvious.

So this morning I double and triple checked. Matching. Perfect!


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