The Revenge of Motherhood

I took the day off today.

Initially I was to have media training…learning how to perform radio or TV interviews. I have done both before but that is another story for another time. Suffice it to say, I just felt I needed a mental health day so since I already had my schedule blocked, it was perfect.

Or so I thought.

I took the kids to have donuts after spending a couple of hours working on charts from home. When we got back to the house, I worked for a couple more hours on the computer doing more chart work.

As I was working I realized that I was filled with overwhelming anxiety, that inexplicable sense of impending doom that I cannot control. It always happens when I take any day off that is not a major holiday. I need medicating, it would seem.

The nausea started and I thought maybe it was due to the anxiety. But shortly after 1PM my son started vomiting. I followed suit shortly thereafter. For some reason it has been perfectly timed, synchronous puking he and I.

I know who to blame. If you will recall, my daughter was throwing her guts up on Mother’s Day.

I take care of really ill patients day in and day out. They never make me sick…don’t underestimate the power of hand washing. Instead, it is my dang kids, and their daycare death germs that get me every time. You cannot avoid kissing their tear stained, snot trailed faces with bits of puke ricocheted on the cheeks.

They are lucky they are cute kids, ’cause after today I might have put them out on the street otherwise….


10 thoughts on “The Revenge of Motherhood

  1. If the West was really serious about winning the war in Afghanistan we would have merely airdropped about a dozen flu ridden children in key locations and the whole place would be shitting and puking in a few hours and calling for their mothers. Our troops could simply walk in and mop up. But I suppose this would be considered biological weapon of mass destruction and heartily denounced by the UN.


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