My son, rather startlingly, wrote his name as a mirror image reflection today. Unprompted. He just pulled out his crayon and BOOM! there it was.

Now, I am sure on some level you are thinking, “So frickin’ what?!?!” The thing is, it was not just the name written backwards. It was the letters, too. Flipped. Startling accomplishment for a four year old who is only just learning how to write.

But it was not on accident. He did it on purpose because he was mad.

Writing this way is not entirely unusual in this age group. They are learning laterality, so it is easier for their young, plastic brains to process this. But in this case, he was defying convention…because he could. He was biting his thumb at me, so to speak. When I complemented him, he just glared back at me.

Made me think of how much more kids understand than we give them credit for, even if they cannot actually articulate it themselves, and how we are ALL born with an inherent need to defy convention. Some get it beaten out of them. Some not. I like this method of defying convention better than some of his other shenanigans, I will admit.


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