Brandon the Corndog

My daughter plays with her food. She gives them all names, invents elaborate stories for them, dresses them up. It could go on for hours. Very entertaining!

At lunch yesterday, she named her peeled corn dog “Brandon”. (No phallic speculation, please!) Brandon’s mommy apparently wanted him to wear a tutu, which he was none too happy about. But after multiple time outs, mommy won out and Brandon wore his tutu…part of the corn bread coating that had been peeled off beforehand. He then swirled and swayed to a rousing rendition of “Let it Go!” before finally having his head bitten off by a wicked witch.

My parents used to scream and yell and spank/ground me for playing with my food. I have vivid memories of this and of the starving children in Africa that were conjured up in minds guilty eye. So, I am torn about teaching my kids good table manners vs. letting their creativity flow. How do you make a distinction, draw that line for a preschooler?



She should not play with her food. She has tons of other things play with. Still, it is so darn cute, I find it hard to put a stop to it. I will redouble my efforts to be a good parent.



6 thoughts on “Brandon the Corndog

  1. This may be a random question/comment, and perhaps you’ve addressed this in a more recent post… I ask this because it sounds like you had a similar upbringing in terms of discipline that I had (and also in terms of religion…), and I’m trying to figure out how I want to go about disciplining my children. I grew up in a house where if we were “bad” (I put that in quotes because I don’t necessarily think lots of “bad” behavior in children is really bad, but rather just part of the human experience) we were severely punished. Both my parents have quite a temper. Now as a parent, I see part of this temper bubble up in me sometimes which I DESPISE in myself because I want to be a gentle parent and teach with love. I hear people argue that it’s biblical to spank children, etc. But I just don’t know where I come down on things. So far I haven’t spanked my children (my son is 2.5 years, my daughter is way too young for being spanked at 7 months). When I’m angry because of his behavior, I feel that spanking would only soothe myself and my temper and NOT actually teach him. But so many argue the opposite stance.

    I mention my temper (NOT even close to the temper of either of my parents) because this is something that I do not want to pass down to my children. And sometimes I wonder if my temper is rooted in what I saw and learned growing up, hence being something that can actually be learned by my children if I let them see it. So at this point I discipline by loving first (which is sometimes very difficult to do). I don’t want to have children who don’t respect authority though. Perhaps I’ll resort to spanking if there’s ever a situation where my children put their lives at risk by disobeying (like if they run in a parking lot, etc.).

    Sorry if this is rambling. I’m just curious what your take is given your childhood experience as it translates to your parenting experience.


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