Happy? Memorial Day

As I was pondering what to write about this morning, I hesitated. It is Memorial Day, and I found myself worrying about what is an appropriate post for this day. I wanted to say how much I enjoy lazy long weekends with my kids, playing in the rain. But then wondered if I would upset someone. And then I wondered if other bloggers were second guessing themselves.

I have watched pictures of fathers and grandfathers who fought in various services posted all over social media, as if the posters have the right to celebrate because their relative fought/served in some capacity. I am sure that is not the only sentiment intended, but I wonder what these men (and women) would think about their photographs being plastered on social media once a year. They are all smiling in their pictures. War and death are bloody suffering, grief, and despair and not these bright, shiny, cleanly scrubbed portrayals. Is that how they would want us to remember? I don’t know.

There are posts that insinuate that those barbecuing and relaxing with their family are not showing the appropriate level of respect for the sacrifice that made the day possible. And so I ask: What is the appropriate level of respect? Should I not make that blueberry, strawberry, and whipped cream pound cake trifle I was planning? Is a soldier’s life or even their leg worth my potato salad? Should I take my kids to the cemetery and put out flags? Should we attend a parade? Should I show them grisly war documentaries? Should I bow my head in solemn respect all day? I don’t know.

It IS a sacred holiday. But much like Easter that is celebrated in a myriad of different ways (and I am not really sure that God is as threatened by the Easter Bunny as my parents wanted us to believe as kids), Memorial Day can be celebrated with as much diversity. And that is the point, the point of all of that death and sacrifice.

Whatever the reason for our involvement in those wars, whether we were right or wrong, whether we won or lost…we are still here as a country. We can celebrate our diversity on every level, including how we celebrate Memorial Day. That is what makes us special, what makes us strong. Are we perfect? No. Are we better than everyone else? No. Acceptance and love. That is what we need even on Memorial Day.

Some day it may be my own son or daughter whose death I will be thinking about on this day. And so for now let me say I am grateful, so very grateful for what I have right now…a holiday to make special memories with them. Some day memories may be all that I have.

D-Day Memorial and American Cemetery in Normandy, France


14 thoughts on “Happy? Memorial Day

  1. I love this blog. There are so many different ways people celebrate memorial day, and honor those who have sacrificed. I don’t think there is anything wrong your with blueberry, strawberry and whip cream pound cake triffle.


  2. YO!!! you read my mind…I was gonna write a blog similar to this, but since I have been so angry lately, I didn’t want to…there is line between being politically correct and being an obsessive idiot…I mean out of respect to my friends who have different belief systems, I’ll say “enjoy your holiday”. I understand being taught true history (if there is such a thing) but to nit pick every day of celebration leaves a lot of miserable people, right?


  3. Great post. There is definitely expectation of how someone should spend a day such as this one. I believe making memories with your family and celebrating the sacrifice so that we are free to choose is a gift in itself. So many expectations…so much guilt. It is a day some are torn.


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