A Matter of Germ Warfare

I deal with germs and disgusting body fluids from patients all day long. Day in and day out. Snot and boogers. Blood. Pus. Puke. Pee. Poo. And other things you don’t want me to mention. They don’t scare me.

What my kids bring home, however, is terrifying.

I also have this issue about wasting things. I especially hate, hate, hate wasting food. Delicious food. Like pears that are only half eaten by my kids.

You can probably see where I am going with this…

Today, my daughter only took three bites out of her huge, juicy pear. Three bites.

It called to me. I could not bear to throw it away. The little devil that sits on my shoulder and always gets me into trouble whispered, “She is not ill. She has not been ill with anything in a whole week. It will be fine!”

And so I finished it off. It was as wonderful as I imagined!

Then my daughter began spewing all manner of gastrointestinal contents in multiple directions from multiple orifices.

So I am resigned. Sigh.



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