Take THAT, Life!

I passed! That’s right. I passed my family practice boards in spite of THE most stressful 96 hours of my entire life.

When I started out in medicine, I never thought that I would want to keep practicing after ten years. But here I am. I retook the boards.

And so I come away from this with several lessons learned. First, I have validation that I belong here. Still. Even with minimal studying. Second, I have the knowledge that I am far stronger than I ever thought possible. I held it together, took care of my family, and did what I had to do even though the world felt like it was crashing in around me. Most of all, I realize that I have nerves of steel. I stayed focused on that little computer screen for hours with no breaks so I could be home as quickly as possible because my kids needed me.

So after my prayer of thanksgiving followed by my silly happy dance and shouts of joy, I have peace.

Now, I can focus on my trip. Paris, I have sorely, sorely missed you…



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