A Lesson in Death

There are many things every parent dreads having to explain to their offspring. Perhaps one of the worst…second only to how babies get here…is the death of a pet.

Today we lost a very special member of our family…Harry the tarantula.

I caught him in a cardboard box at the office about a year ago when my office manager, a good looking 20-something young man from Argentina, freaked out and screamed like a baby. Sigh. My son fell in love with him (shudder) and we were compelled to keep him.

He has been a good lesson for me about love and acceptance of things I had once thought unloveable and a great teaching tool for my son who has overcome his bug phobia to now have a room full of jars of fireflies, worms, caterpillars, and beetles.

So rest in peace, Harry. You were a good spider. Sort of.



5 thoughts on “A Lesson in Death

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