Much like old ladies that play nightly Bingo, physicians are a rather superstitious lot.

Lucky socks. Lucky earrings. Rituals. We don’t really talk to others about it, necessarily. Sometimes we don’t even acknowledge it to ourselves. But it is always there, hanging over our heads, threatening our serenity… The proverbial Black Cloud.

There are certain things that are known to bring havoc. One is a full moon. Another is Friday the Thirteenth. And, oddly, changes in barometric pressure, particularly if you are on the OB service.

For the next 24hrs I get the dubious honor of being on call on the mother of all negative energy days, the convergence of all three of these things.

Be merciful, oh heavens!

Worse, the powers that be start a massive update to our electronic record system this evening. I hope that is not a bad omen…



7 thoughts on “Superstitions

  1. Good luck! I was in labour with my first during a full moon (no barometric changes or Friday the 13th in sight!) and the nurses said it was crazy on the floor. I hope it doesn’t get completely out of hand for you, but I’m sure that you’ll handle whatever comes with grace and pizzazz!


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