Some Call it Intuition


“If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking.” – George S. Patton

When I first started practicing out of residency, I was introduced to one of the local gastroenterologists. As I sat down and tried to discuss a patient with him, he looked me over head to toe, cut me off in mid sentence, and then said, “Yeah, yeah…send them to me and I will take care of it.”

I don’t know what it was, exactly… the feeling he was brushing me off or the uncomfortable amount of time he spent looking at my boobs, but I decided instantly that I did not like him. I refused to refer to him, even though I was told I should.

About a year later, the man was arrested, accused of molesting women during colonoscopy procedures. The men in the large group I was practicing with were up in arms. They said prayers for him during group meetings. “He is being falsely accused! It could be any of us fighting for our reputation and livelihoods.”

They took up collections for his legal defense.

I did not contribute.

In the end, he was found guilty. There was DNA evidence from ejaculate on several women’s faces.

Now, not all doctors are perverts looking to molest unsuspecting women. And there ARE a ton of physicians who are falsely accused of all sorts of things. So you can’t believe everything you hear. But watching the reaction in the people around me, even when confronted with DNA evidence, was fascinating.

Why did I pick up on him and no one else did? I am not special. What’s more, I was not the only young female physician in that practice and I certainly was not the most gorgeous. I can’t imagine he would behave that way with me and not do the same to the others.

Probably, I will never know the answer.


9 thoughts on “Some Call it Intuition

  1. They have group prayers at work? Huh? But anyway, I think most people can’t be bothered. They choose not to notice details or they just have too much going on. I love studying people. The subtle signs and bits of information they give you, or don’t give you. I can usually tell my supervisor after a very short period of time whether or not a new employee is going to work out.


  2. Amazing how a little thing sent you a message of warning. Thank you for sharing. In my experience, if someone isn’t acting professionally at their work, they are busy with something else…


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