A Rant, If You Please


I know everyone likes uplifting, positive posts that make you feel good. Or at least ones that make you think. I am the exact same way. But tonight, I have to get something off my chest.

What I really, really want to do tonight is bitch about the Meaningful Use mandate, or rather the meaningless busy work torture plan set out by the federal government that was compounded painfully today by a crappy electronic health record and clueless IT people.

I have never contemplated walking out on a job with no warning until today. Unfortunately, I don’t get that luxury.  It is not the patients’ fault.

On the surface, the intent is admirable: force physicians to use electronic health records for better communication. I wholeheartedly support this. However, I really believe that the people who are writing these guidelines do NOT actually practice medicine or if they do, they are in academic medicine (aka artificial reality).

And I swear if I ever meet the individuals responsible for torturing me with this awful electronic health record for the past seven years (Centricity for anyone who wants to know), I will have to be physically restrained or I WILL inflict bodily harm. Not death.  No.  I want to see suffering. I say this tongue in cheek.  Sort of. Who are these people?  I have never met them.

Which then brings me to the fact that when we all got to experience the full glory of the updated system this morning, it felt more like a down grade. Patching up a bad system to meet the requirements of bad legislation only makes a sucky system really blow.

I could go into more detail but I will spare you the misery. It is times like this that I think an illicit drug habit might be helpful…


5 thoughts on “A Rant, If You Please

  1. Yikes. I HATE when we are mandated useless and ridiculous protocols to follow, rules to adhere to, or just shit we have to do that makes no sense. And every time I ask a reasonable question the answer is always the same: Just do it okay? We don’t have a choice so just do it. But I want answers that make sense from the powers that be. Why is that such an unattainable goal? I really feel your pain.


  2. I know a edgy anesthesiologist that might help with your request ..he he.. all kidding aside this one nurse wants to say Thank You for what you do . A lot of us are nurses because we didn’t want all the responsiblity you have 🙂


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