Marauding Pirates!

Flashing lights behind me.

“Oh, dang.”

“Mommy tell us more about the pirates!”

“Not right now, baby. Mommy has to talk to this nice gentleman…” I don’t want to make my kids think police officers are scary or bad in case they need to trust one someday.

“Ma’am, I clocked you going 47 in a 30mph zone. You got any good reason to be speeding like that?”

Explaining that we were listening to the local classical music station, making up stories to go with the music, and right at that very moment the pirates were in the midst of a swashbuckling saber duel as they were trying to abscond with the booty and that I was merely caught up in the moment…that probably was not going to go over well.

“No, sir.”

“Drivers license please.” I dutifully hand it over and he disappears back to his car.

In my defense, it is a long, straight, empty road.

“Hey, doc…do you still work at the hospital?”

“Uh, yes?” How did he know that? “What did you say you name was?”

“Officer Bob…” Oh, yeah. I take care of his kids. Never met him but I know his daughters and wife pretty well.

“Where were you headed? To work?”

“No. Dropping the kids at daycare right over there.”

“And then you were headed to…work?”

“Uh….” Then I realize he is trying to cut me a break. I have not had my coffee yet. “YES! Yes I was…”

“Be safe.” He hands back my license and then is gone.


You can bet I never speed on purpose. Seriously. But I am even more careful watching the speed limits now, even when the pirates are marauding!



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