Waving the White Flag

I wrote my resignation letter today.

Thankfully, I have ten days on another continent…far, far away…to gain perspective.  I will see what is left of the fiasco we call an electronic health record when I get back and then decide what I do with the letter.

On some level, I worry that this means I am a pansy. I mean, I have been through a ton of crap in my lifetime. I am going to let something like a worthless electronic health record and “Meaningful Use” mandates (saying those words makes me seethe because there is nothing meaningful about them) get to me?

Yes.  Yes I am.

I have worked for the same large physician group for the past 10 years.  Each year I am promised that things will get better. But they don’t.

For the past two days electronic medication prescriptions have not worked. Lab results have been “lost”. Random error messages are popping up. The system crashed on my computer four times just this morning. Other messages are propagating into the orders section without rhyme or reason and I cannot get the IT people to hear me when I am trying to explain to them that it make no sense.

AND now I have almost thirty extra clicks per patient per visit and a 10 page patient visit summary to print that used to be only two or three pages. Like anyone is going to read that.  Thank you Uncle Sam.

This was supposed to be an update.

We are one of the largest physician groups in the country and it is downright embarrassing that THIS is what we have to show for it. Each and every time this is what we get. Medicine in America. Right here.

The best mediocrity tons of money can buy.


2 thoughts on “Waving the White Flag

  1. Oh dear. As a patient with many different doctors, I find EMRs very helpful. In fact, I go to specialists in the same practice in large part because my medical history is so complicated that I hate hate hate recounting it all the time. As a medical researcher, we use EMRs to study drug effects.

    But your side of the issue does give me pause …


    • EHRs are not the problem. There are tons of great ones out there. Centricity is not one of those, however. Success depends largely on a good IT department, a vendor who will work with you to customize if needed, physician leadership that actually practices medicine in the trenches, and politicians who don’t try to muck around in specifics that they don’t understand. None of that is present here.


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