Introduction to French, 101


This morning I crossed the channel to France and stopped to eat at the equivalent of a truck stop in the US. It was not my fault. The tour guide picked it.

I know rudimentary French, certainly enough to get by, but when a French person is staring me down across the counter (even if they are smiling) poof! Completely gone…all knowledge, sense, and reason. I am left struggling over how to communicate that I want to have two of the items listed as #3 on the menu. Good grief!

Why am I so intimidated? These are nice people!

It struck me that it has been almost five years since I have had a vacation. I am RUSTY!

The last time I got out of the country was a trip to Switzerland when I was pregnant with my son. I carried a huge backpack and took the trains all over the country… Saint Moritz, Lucerne, Zurich, Geneva, and Zermatt. I climbed to the top of the Klein Matterhorn, where the air is so thin even healthy, non-pregnant people have issues. I ate unpasteurized cheese. I drank lots of coffee. I probably even ate sushi somewhere. I was insane, really.

I have a lot of photos of potties from that trip. When you are pregnant and overseas, that is pretty much all you care about. Where is the next toilet so I don’t pee myself?

The other memorable thing was a Texas themed restaurant in Zermatt that featured horse as an entree. Let me repeat that. Horse. I can assure you, anyone that might be inclined to wonder, Texans do not eat horse. They eat a lot of other crap, but not horse. It is illegal to sell horse for consumption in the US.

Anyway, above is Scorch getting the run down on Kensington Palace from a tourist on a bus tour and then below he is sneaking up on the palace looking to get affection from Prince George (the guards were not amused)…



5 thoughts on “Introduction to French, 101

  1. Thank you for sharing! I love to read about other people’s travel adventures. That Texas themed … inaccuracy made me laugh because I have seen plenty of them too.
    Have a great week! Inese


  2. Both my sons had bedfriends who were dragons. One was a puffy purple one similar in general appearance to Scorch. It has been such a pleasure seeing Scorch enjoy himself in all your photos.

    The potty remarks brought back a memory I really much incorporate into a post, but it won’t be a very pleasant one, so I’ll abbreviate it here: My now-ex then-not had removed the downstairs toilet from our three bathroom house shortly after purchase and refused to replace it. I was not supposed to move much or climb stairs, out on early disability due to continued bleeding through my pregnancy (lupus, Behcet’s, whatever…). So my potty was a potty: I used a Little Tykes child’s potty seat in our living room throughout not one, but two closely-spaced pregnancies (Irish twins). Down she squatted, up she rose, many times each day, followed by a trip to empty into the kitchen sink. Do you think the stairs would have been easier? Perhaps, come to think of it.

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