London Reflections

I have been struck by how many people in London walk with their heads buried in their smart phones. Not unlike the US. It is a constant task to stay alert so I do not get body slammed by some unsuspecting Londoner.

Somehow, I didn’t want that to be the case. I wanted someone to be superior, better than us Americans. Someone that could show us the way. The plague has infected people even across the Atlantic.

528 steps to the tip top of Saint Paul’s Cathedral. AND then back down. Gorgeous view! Totally worth the blister on my left pinkie toe.

Got to hear the organ and choir at Westminster. Kinsington Palace. Hyde Park. Buckingham Palace. Big Ben. The London Eye. The River Thames. Red phone booths. Double decker, open top red tour bus. In 36 hours.

That being said, my feet are tired. My camera’s memory card is full up on great pictures that I cannot wait to edit. Tomorrow, I leave for Paris. I love that I can only access the Internet when I have free WiFi at the hotel, briefly while hanging out in the lobby. I am too cheap to pay for 24-7 access.

I have brought my son’s stuffed dragon, Scorch, and have been taking pictures of him doing typical London things: fish and chips, pint of beer, sightseeing…. People have been great with him, playing along.

Here is one of those photos:



5 thoughts on “London Reflections

  1. Ha ha! Those “charming” phone boxes! I used to freeze my fanny off in one. Our village had only party lines in our homes. You couldn’t have a conversation without the rude neighbors refusing to hang up–those oh-so-proper English where we lived, in Mollington, near Banbury, were disgusting about this. So if one wanted to talk to one’s friend privately, it was off to the ONE phone box in the village, to stand freezing in the icy chill–always icy there–to chat. Brrr!!

    I did enjoy seeing London though, even as a child. The bobbies, the Tower, the Thames, the Crown Jewels, the Houses of Parliament–all that. I’m sure Scorch is enjoying it. It was very generous of your son to allow you to take him along. I would have been terrified of something happening to him.

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