It Mattered To Me


Seven years ago a waiter at a restaurant in Paris, the L’ Etoile 1903, told me that I was beautiful. It was something in my eyes, he said.

Likely, it was the fact that my eyes were framed in black…from my glasses…that made them stand out. It matched my little black dress.

Not only did I tip him very, very well…which was probably why he said that in the first place…but I went back for dinner again the next night.

Sadly, that particular waiter was not working that night. Dang it.

I say this to point out the power of kind words. It did not cost this man time, great effort, or money to say something nice which ended up making my trip downright magical. Someone in Paris thinks I am beautiful and is willing to say so in front of my husband?!?!?? Woohoo! Sure, maybe it was not genuine. I don’t care! It still made me feel special.

So tonight, I went back again.

It is always risky revisiting places that hold such power in your heart. What if the food sucks and the service is awful? Will that make the first memory less magical?Do I want to take the risk?

As it turns out, my special waiter was still there. He had been waiting for me all of this time. We are going to spend a wild night making passionate love in his swanky apartment here in Paris and then we will run away to the French countryside where we will live happily ever after…


Who am I kidding?

The food was good, but it was a different menu, which was disappointing. The service was ok but no familiar faces.

Off to Lucerne, Switzerland in the morning!

In the meantime, here are some fun pictures of Scorch riding the Metro and sight-sightseeing.

Until next time, Paris!



9 thoughts on “It Mattered To Me

  1. This post made me laugh out loud. I kept for years a coupon given to me by a similar waiter for a free meal when I returned to Maui. I finally tossed it, for I didn’t want to return to a less-rewarding experience. I treasure the memory of a delightful perfect meal with a perfectly-charming waiter.

    To think I tossed away the chance of a lifetime of bliss with the man of my dreams!

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      • I did have a marvelous time with the manager of the hotel at which I stayed. HE may still be there.
        (stop here if you want to avoid TMI)
        Gorgeous green eyes, athletic, and uninhibited. How can I say this delicately… I know!

        When he was descending to my …Cinnabar Cleft
        I said, “Whoa–my period is starting.”
        At which he looked up at me and said the sexiest word I have ever heard a man say:


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