Quick! Hide That Passport.


I am embarrassed to be an American today. We are a cancer on the world. I have witnessed interactions between Americans and the native French and Swiss folks that make me want to hide my passport.

No wonder the French get the reputation for being ugly. They have every damn right to do so when they are constantly invaded by arrogant Americans who assume the whole world should operate exactly as they believe it should, instead of conforming to local norms.

When you are a guest in someone’s house, you behave as such. Why does that not extend to a foreign country people? Why do Americans not research a little bit about customs and language of the places they visit instead of going in, guns blazing, expecting everyone to conform to your own expectations?

I am at risk for turning this into a rant. Granted, not everyone is a moron when they travel, and I am constantly learning new things as I go, but sometimes the attitudes I see displayed are despicable.

Even more seriously, McDonalds is another cancer that has spread everywhere. Absolutely no country is safe. It must be cut out or it will kill us all! I am willing to hear ideas on how to accomplish this.

Above is Scorch enjoying the view at dinner, overlooking the Chapel Bridge in Lucerne, Switzerland. Below, Scorch is chowing down on the fondu. Good dragon!



21 thoughts on “Quick! Hide That Passport.

  1. Don’t be embarrassed, every country has their own… characters. I know so many wonderful Americans, very well educated, speaking foreign languages, nice inside and out, and it never came to my head to generalize my bad experiences and blame a whole nation for them. Some of my own nationals embarrass me too, it is why I very well understand what you are saying. People always unconsciously want their own to be good, and get frustrated when it doesn’t work out. That’s life…


    • I don’t enjoy being treated as of I am part of the problem when I am overseas until I prove that I am not. Not everywhere, mind you, but often enough that when I see people behaving as I did over and over again today, I understand completely. But thank you so, so much for NOT generalizing. It is in restaurants that I see the worst behavior… In people who are old enough to know better. I don’t see that with other nationalities. :-/

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      • May be every nationality has their own patterns of bad behavior and it is why we spot them, and it is why it hits the nerve?
        Hating Americans has become a tradition in Europe. I think it is because you guys criticize yourself too often, and Europeans take it literally:)


  2. I understand what you are saying, but, it was the good old US of A (and Canada) that pulled France from a Nazi fire. I love Americans, and their generosity, and enduring spirit, in so many ways is overlooked and unappreciated. How often has a country had its balls in a vice and the first thing they cal out is “USA help!” and the USA will help. And part of the American way is freedom. Even the freedom to stuff your face with McDonalds. I love it.


  3. Sadly, it’s kinda true, even in Australua, we say, ‘don’t let it bother you, he/she’s American.’ As if it excuses them for their behavior. When we were in France last year, we were treated really badly by our French host…. Until he find out we weren’t Americans but are Australians. Then there was nothing he wouldn’t do for us because he loves Australians! But then, I feel sorry for all my American friends who get lumped with the same label!

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  4. I am wholly sick of anti-American bigotry. I first encountered it when I we moved to England when I was a preteen, and the villagers despised us before they even met us. Then, when I travelled to Spain as a teen, we were advised to tell everyone we were Canadian or French, so that they wouldn’t hate us or abuse us. What. the. F#ck. What I saw in England was many English behaving badly. What I saw in Spain was many Spaniards behaving badly–HORRIBLY!!! Strangers inserted their FINGERS up inside me on public transportation! And in public streets in crowds! That has never happened in America. (No, no miniskirt: My skirts were below my knees.)

    Now, many websites in England are closed to me, simply because I am an American, but if I come in incognito, I am welcome. That is bullsh#t. How is that any different than hating blacks, Muslims, Jews, or anyone else? No different. Hating an entire group because of the present or past actions of some is bigotry, and inexcusable.

    I think many Americans today are awful. I am a misanthrope in general. But I am not ashamed of being American. Those ugly Americans have nothing to do with me. I am not one of them. I am responsible only for my own actions. My disgusting government has nothing to do with me. It is run by money, of which I have little. I vote, sometimes, but my vote, I believe, counts for nothing any longer, except on bond issues and the like.

    Take a breath, Babe. In..out. In…out. Rant over.

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