Thoughts On A Bidet


Bidets creep me out.

I don’t like looking at them and I certainly don’t want to touch one. I find that I am unable to treat them with the uninterested indifference that I am able to approach other inherently disgusting things…like toilets and maxi pads. Why do they gross me out so thoroughly and other things do not? Perhaps because they are necessities and a bidet is not?

Or is it?

My dislike has led me to never, ever have the desire to try one.

I just don’t understand the appeal.

And yet, they have been in every single hotel in Italy that I have slept in, which seems to imply that washing one’s butt is wildly popular here.

And so, I wonder, has anyone out there actually tried one? And if so, what did you think?


18 thoughts on “Thoughts On A Bidet

  1. They are very popular in southern Europe. It’s hot there and consequently people like to wash after they have been to the bathroom…I’d rather they used a bidet than washed their backside in the sink. I don’t think they are dirty at all, I like using one when it is available. Be careful you get the temperature just right and I’m sure you know this but you use it facing the taps.

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  2. My parents have an electronic one…you can adjust all sorts of settings so the water is warm or cool…the pressure strong or weak…etc. Yup. I used it once…and there is a reason that I only used it once.


  3. My two elderly aunts went on a church trip to Rome. When they got to their hotel they too found a bidet in their bathroom. They didn’t know what it was used for.

    Aunt Sal roared when she described the look on her sister’s face when the cleaning lady demonstrated how to use it!

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  4. Only in a private home, with throw away paper goods. I thought it left one very clean feeling. Figuring them out the first time is quite the uh, challenge though, without hollering at the homeowner 🙂

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  5. It grosses me out. Both the process and the towel you have to use afterwards… But my husband is an European and he said that if the hotel doesn’t have bidets, a lot of the Europeans will use the hand basin….. That has stopped me from washing my face in the hand basin, and he wonders why I am happy whenever I see a bathroom with a bidet in it. 😀

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  6. I have one at home, as each Italian. We like it as we like the sink. I suppose that women use it more often than men anyway. It’s never dirty because we clean it, as the sink and every person has his towel.
    In the past in Italy we were not reach and there was not the possibility to have a shower or a bath every day. The bidet is a small shower at the end, so we can refresh ourself. As said, it’s hot here.
    Maybe you also didn’t see that in Middle East they have small showers beside the w.c. The aim is the same.
    If you have more question, let me know! 😉

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  7. I don’t understand why people are distressed by use of the sink. Do they think germs are going to leap up from the bottom of the sink and bite them? Ridiculous.

    I like to clean myself, front and back, after every use of the toilet. When home, I moisten toilet paper under running water and wipe, different paper front and back, of course, changing out paper as needed. Soap added for the rear if needed. This gets me as clean as any bidet.

    I always felt odd about bidets, and now research shows that I was correct to feel there was something off about them.

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