As American As Pizza Pie!


A smattering of cheese, a tiny bit of sauce, and a single thin slice of prosciutto lay haphazardly across the top, as if to say, “Screw you!”

When the waiter carefully placed the wafer thin, sparsely topped “pizza” on my table in Rome, I raised a dubious eyebrow and my heart sank.

Not what I am used to by any means.

How could this possibly live up to the things I had been hearing about the fabulous Italian pizzas?

Let me tell you. It was life changing. I have been fantasizing about it ever since I got back Stateside.

Was it the crust? The sauce? The glass of wine I had with it?

Truthfully, I think it was the sparsity of toppings. It gave it an artistic, almost laissez-faire appearance that titillated the taste buds even before coming in contact with them.

Tonight, lust drove me mad and I decided to attempt to make a Roman pizza myself.

The Romans are known for their thin crusts. The recipe I used is from the Fearless Homemaker, homemade thin crust pizza. Super easy! She utilizes parchment paper which was brilliant.

My problem is that I am prone to American excess. I found myself piling on the basil and cheese and olives and ‘shrooms.

And more olives.

Restraint is not my strong suit.

But let me tell you, this was the best pizza I have had on this side of the Atlantic. I will never be able to replicate a true to style pizza from Italy but I am at peace with that. My hybrid was something great on its own!



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