I picked my son up from daycare this evening. On the way home, he was subdued. He wouldn’t talk. He refused to eat a snack. He refused juice.

By the time I got him home, he was breathing super fast, wheezing.

He has never done this before.

I took him to my office for a nebulizer treatment. His oxygen level was very low (86%) but he perked right up after the treatment. Wheezing gone. Back to a normal oxygen level and his normal silly self.

By the time we got home, he was bad again.

And for a bit, I panicked. I lost my head.

This is MY baby we are talking about here.

But I worried about taking him to the ER.

What will they think?

I sat in the dark in the local ER parking lot for a while after I drove around the neighborhood… actually debating if he was sick enough.

He is sick. Very sick.

We are being transferred to the big children’s hospital.

Sometimes being a doctor sucks.


31 thoughts on “Emergency

  1. This is when being a doctor is le worst; when it’s someone you love and you have to balance your heart and your head (and your gut). Thinking of you and your little guy and hoping he’s breathing better today.


  2. Oh thanks goodness he is getting better! Poor little man! I was so scared reading the post, then rushed to the comments to read the updates.
    I got nominated for the Very Inspiring blogger award and came here to leave you a note that I have nominated you for this award. You know I really love reading your stories. Sure you have no time for this right now… My very best wishes and thoughts to you and your little boy!


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