There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people taking photographs of the same places I have been. I can look back at a photo I have taken and think, “Wow! That was great!” But the odds are pretty high that someone else has taken that exact same picture at some point or will in the future.

The exception? Water and sky. Those ripples will never be the same in anyone else’s photograph. The clouds above? They will never look exactly like that again. The rocks, the sand… those will likely be the same. But the lighting as the sun goes down has its own unique beauty exclusive to that single moment in time.

And I captured it. This is mine!


16 thoughts on “Nature

  1. It’s true. The ocean is never ever the American. Not from one moment to the next.

    I’m up at the coast of Maine now. I’ve taken hundreds of pictures of the view over the years, in all kinds of weather, at different tides. They all speak to me. Each one. The spot is the photo in my blog’s header.


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