Hiding Behind The Blank Phone Screen


Cue the angels singing the Hallelujah Chorus, folks. I am off call! That’s right. An entire week of being at everyone’s beck and call 24/7 OVER! At least for six weeks.

I was sitting at the salon on Saturday with red dye sitting on my roots and eyebrows, looking like an utter clown while returning a call to a pathologist about a markedly abnormal blood count on his slide review. I dread the day when video calls will be the norm because I will not be able to get away with that.

Or with calling patients back about their abdominal pain whilst taking care of my own business in the loo.

You people starting medical school right now…you may have work hours restrictions but by golly you won’t be able to hide behind a blank phone screen by the time you are out of residency. Smirk followed by a winky face.


18 thoughts on “Hiding Behind The Blank Phone Screen

  1. This reminds me of the days when I was running the office at my husband’s machine shop and used to take the cordless phone with me to the restroom! I’m very glad there are no video phones yet too!


  2. Well, I’m hoping that when we have video phones we will also have that machine that Jane Jetson had that would put on her makeup and style her hair. Because it would be only fair.


  3. I love the perspective on the picture, and your header as well! Do they have wrist watches yet that register all our functions? Now that would be a little personal and would be better off, I suppose, as chips in our heads… If they could also administer medicine, that would be all the more cool!


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