Happier with a Hoover!

On the stairway landing in my house I have a series of vintage ads that make me smile. There is Santa proclaiming that he would like an Eversharp-Schick shaver in his stocking and the HotPoint fridge that famously “offers more!”

But my favorite is this one here:


I love it for several reasons.

FIRST, Hoovers don’t make me happy. In fact, I hate cleaning so much that the only time I will do it is if I am cleaning someone else’s house (then it is a charitable event) or I am high on steroids. This very morning I was looking around the shambles that ought to be my kitchen and sighed. I will never be able to stop working. I have to justify being able to pay someone else to do this for me…

SECOND, if I did happen to clean my own house, I would probably wear high heels and a dress to do it. I would sip a glass of champagne as I twirled the feather duster around the knick-knacks. I am not saying it would be a quality job, but I would look dang good doing it!

THIRD, it reminds me that I don’t have to have someone else telling me what I need to make me happy. I am not someone else’s ad target. I don’t follow their rules. I find my own things to make me happy. That woman in the brown dress? That is who my parents wanted me to be.

Not me.

So save your million dollar advertisement budgets for the mindless masses. It won’t work on me! Unless you are my sister in law, in which case I am totally crazy about Legos and you know what is on my Christmas list…


29 thoughts on “Happier with a Hoover!

  1. Reminds me of when a vacuum salesman called at my house – I stepped back and showed him the polished boards and his face fell! Also when we were in the UK for 2 hours, my husband was showing me how to use the vacuum cleaner and then sighed: “You know, Mo, there aren’t many husbands who have to tell them how to use the vacuum.” He also reckons I have no idea how to find the on/off switch on the broom. And my favourite was when my physio told me not to do vacuuming or sweeping due to my hip and back problems. Hey, what a gal, she’s my hero!


  2. But, a newly-vacuumed floor does feel good. No?

    I love the ad. So, so ridiculous it’s funny. Without actually working the numbers backwards,the prices for these hummers seem pretty high. Fifty-nine dollars for the Model 115, for example. Although I just learned from quick trip out to the internet that somebody is still asking $75 for his.


    • Wow. $75. Vintage collectible, I guess. Truthfully, I would probably live with littered floors if it were up to me to keep them clean. Except for that little problem of Lego booby traps in the night…


  3. We have a few of these old ads up as decoration at our family cottage, we don’t have the Hoover one but we have one for a skirt that becomes a cape and maybe a picnic blanket…I can’t really remember. I will say that I am absolutely loving my new Dyson right now!


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