Clouds Parting


I spent two hours tonight completing a personality profile for a potential job. Since when did people start doing this and when did they start forcing it on physicians?!??!? It said the test should only take an hour. They did not take into account having to 4(-2)² + 8(-2) + 3(-2) + 6 with a three year old and a four year old hanging off your back.

What the heck does math have to do with a personality test anyway?

For weeks I have put it off.

It is hard to get the time to sit down and do something like that but more at issue was the sense that I would be parading around before a one way window in my skivvies. Naked. My personality secrets laid bare for untold, unseen multitudes to marvel over.

Aaannnndddd let’s face it: I could not be sure that I would be showing off my granny panties or my favorite Agent Provocateur ensemble.

So now I have done the deed.

I reviewed my summary. Some of the questions were stupid and not precise enough for my tastes and I cringed at a few of the statements. Is that really me?

On the whole, it was a very flattering summary, though. The parts they got wrong were in my favor. Whew!


20 thoughts on “Clouds Parting

  1. It’s all this ‘holistic’ doctor stuff…. For our surgical trainer selections the candidates now have to do a $200per person personality MCQ/analysis. It’s all scenario based and some of them have obvious choices. I think one can easily ‘fake’ their score by knowing which answers to pick. Total bloody waste of time I say! Just because someone is all touchy feely, it doesn’t mean he/she is a better doctor either. They are doing it for all hospital applicants now too.


    • I have some misgivings about working for an organization that thinks this has anything to do with being a good physician. Or are they selecting for people who have the personality trait of sheep, who won’t buck the system? Time will tell, I guess.


    • Some degree of likability, good communication skills, and KNOWLEDGE. Not sure what utility a detailed personality analysis provides. I would be interested in my preventive care scores and such. Oh, well. Brave new world…


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