“It Doesn’t Matter!”


My medical assistant (aka “nurse”) showed me this clip today. It is horrifyingly spot on, right down to the giant cups of icy beverage sipped at strategic moments and the weight check before anything else. At any rate, I hope you enjoy!

The Nurses (from Comedy Central)


21 thoughts on ““It Doesn’t Matter!”

  1. Yikes! I worked as an RN for years on a heavy heart transplant floor, and most days I never sat down or even went to the bathroom for the entire shift. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves when a medical assistant says they’re a nurse. I think titles get shifted around all the time in the healthcare world (patients calling PAs/NPs doctor, etc.), but I think the attitudes of many “nurses” in medical offices give RNs a bad reputation. Many of my fellow nurses were some of the hardest workers I know.


    • I would agree that medical office MAs absolutely DO give RN’s a bad name. It is unfortunate that the ladies in the skit were labelled RNs. Everyone in the medical field knows the truth that the roles they are playing are MA’s not RN’s. Patients cannot let go of calling MA’s nurses. But yes, hospital RN’s are awesome!!!


  2. Yep in regards to one or two of the above comments! I’ve had lots of those ” I’ll stop and pee when I clock out.” Ha! However, this skit…wherever I go , there is always one, you know, that RN, MA , or whatever, that needs a break every two hours and is just a little too concerns about creating a routine social calendar for work. Love the humor, needed the laugh – thanks Victo!


  3. I work with a lot of hard working RN’s and there is a little smidgen of truth to this. I am thinking about one RN in particular. She drives the charge nurse crazy! lol


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