Pantyhose As Icebreaker


A number of years ago, back when I covered the hospital in addition to my out patient clinic, I was up before the butt crack of dawn seeing the ICU patients I had admitted on unassigned call after a particularly awful call night.

I wrapped up things in the unit (thankfully everyone had survived) and started down the hall to the radiology department to try to sweet talk the evil night radiologist into reviewing an abdominal CT scan with me.

About halfway there, I got the feeling that something odd was happening down by my left foot.

I kept going for a few more steps (truthfully my brain was still quite sleepy and was operating on autopilot) but eventually I glanced down. Nothing wrong that I could see. I gave the leg a little shake.


I went on for a few more steps but I could not shake the feeling that something odd was happening down around my feet. Finally, I looked down again and found a pair of my flesh colored pantyhose trailing about three feet behind me, snaking out from my pants leg.

Left overs from the laundry.

Damn static cling.

I looked up to find the night radiologist, an older fellow, standing dumbstruck in front of me. There was a cup of coffee from the cafeteria in his hand. Hurriedly I looked around to see who else had caught a glimpse of my skivvies. Otherwise, the hallway was empty. I quickly scooped up the offending item, wadded it up and threw it into my big red leather bag.

“Let’s pretend you didn’t see that, shall we?”

He nodded, still frozen in place.

I decided the CT scan could wait.

“Well. Carry on, then!” I smiled sweetly at him and headed to the elevators.

After that, I stopped wearing pantyhose.

Interestingly, the radiologist fellow stopped being such a crotchety old fool to me and we got on famously thereafter.

Sometimes people like to see you embarrass yourself. Is it that it makes you seem more human? More approachable? Does it give them the feeling of the upper hand because they have not been caught with their own pantyhose trailing from behind their own leg? Some people just need that, apparently. I wish it worked on everyone who was difficult to work with!


15 thoughts on “Pantyhose As Icebreaker

  1. How generous of you to share this!

    My most recent is when I participated in some harmless gossip about an attractive anesthesiologist and said to a coworker, “Well, I sure wouldn’t kick him out of bed.”
    He must have been stopped by someone in the hallway because was standing just outside the procedure room door when we walked out.
    The next patient was brought to the room and the good looking doctor talked about his girlfriend non stop during the entire procedure.
    I got the point.

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  2. I think that when anybody realizes that you can laugh at yourself, it is a humanizing moment. And really, doesn’t everybody like to see everybody else’s weaknesses?

    Pantyhose is an instrument of the devil, IMHO.

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  3. I have to admit I had always been really intimidated by a particular surgeon. A few months ago, I saw him with a hole in his suit pants with his fluoro green dinosaur boxers on view, I had to point it out to him (shaking in my shoes) cos I can’t abide people who don’t tell me I have parsley in my teeth. He went and changed into scrubs and has been the sweetest man to me since πŸ™‚ last week when I was looking all serious at the theatre front desk, he walked by and whispered softly ‘I got my dinosaurs on today’. I couldn’t stop laughing.

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  4. This past winter (all two days of it) I was wearing a nice pair of ultra-suede slacks that had a wonky button and clasp that needed re-sewing but I couldn’t be bothered and forgot, throwing the suit on hastily one morning in a rush. As I approached the door of my facility lugging lunch box, laptop, purse and coffee, in front of the security camera, both pieces decided to come unmoored at that precise time of card swipe and must move forward before alarm goes off. I entered the office with hands full and my commando self with said pants at thigh tops. Mercifully there is a large cubicle wall right inside the door. You’ve never seen such disregard for corporate equipment during that throw down of laptop to grab said sliding pants. No one noticed, unless it was the shade of asphyxiation purple of my face as I made my way to my desk, praying that they don’t review the security camera film except on an as needed basis πŸ˜€

    If we can’t be perfect, at least we can provide humor for other’s work days πŸ™‚


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