When my first “boyfriend” dumped me for a girl who would kiss him at the back of the school bus, it was if all of the joy in my life had been sucked up into a vortex and carried away.

A few days later, as I continued to mope, my grandfather pulled me aside and handed me a long deep blue velvet box. Nestled in the cream satin inside lay a sparkling cubic zirconia tennis bracelet.

“Your grandpa will always love you, no matter what. You always remember that.”

He gave me a great big bear hug and then walked away, leaving me to my own thoughts.

Never mind the fact that he had picked up that bracelet as swag from some time share condo presentation (he always went to those things to score the freebies). It was the most beautiful thing I had ever owned.

I wore it every day for years, until finally it started falling apart.

Every little girl needs someone in her life to remind her that she is the sun, moon, and stars. To remind her that she is loved and special and valued.

I miss him.


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