Buried Alive


One of the things that I love is graveyards. Give me some unique old tombstones to photograph and I am happy as a lark. It is so humbling to remember that in the end I am nothing more than the dust. Keeps me grounded.

Pictured above is a fantastic marker in Boston. I could have spent days and days photographing in those cemeteries! Buried alive, so to speak.

The women, in particular, really stood out to me. So many of them died young, likely due to childbirth. Most of the graves were marked as Mrs. John So-and-so or Mrs. William Such-and-such. No other identity. Who were they really. What did they think? How did they feel? How exactly did they die?

Even more striking, I saw a painting of a family in the 1700’s where the father was seated in a chair. His wife stood behind him with one hand on his chair and the other on a painting of his first wife on a pedestal, while the children played in the floor or performed on the piano.

Made me think how blessed I am to be alive today and how blessed some other woman will likely feel looking upon my tombstone in 300 years…


13 thoughts on “Buried Alive

  1. I love photographing old cemeteries too even though I have this crazy fear of death. I went to an old cemetery in Denver where a lot of the cities founders and “important” people are buried. I think I took some amazing pictures. I’m not sure because the person processing my film ruined it. But I loved wandering around and thinking about these people and who they were and what their lives were like.


    • Maybe you are facing your fear by walking amongst it, capturing it on film? I have a huge fear of death, too. I can be around the dead and dying all day long. It is my own death and the fear of my own pain and suffering that gets me!


  2. Perhaps. It started when I was a teenager and went to a funeral for a girl who was shot in the head. It was an open casket (which I was not expecting under the circumstances) and after that I was having anxiety attacks.I know part of it was because she was my age and we were really young. I work in a surgical department and have had dead bodies laying in pre-op next to me. Didn’t bother me. Like you, it’s my own pain and suffering that I don’t want to think about.


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