The Perils of Having A Doctor Mom


My son has been very curious about what exactly a heart attack is since learning that his grandfather died of one right before he was born. The conversation went a bit like this:

“Mommy, how did Grandpa Eddie die?”

Awkward pause while I considered how much detail to share…


“Ok. Yes. Well, he had a heart attack.” I decided to leave out the part about it being in the throws of passion with a prostitute.

(Okay, okay…the part about the prostitute is not true. Made you giggle, though, didn’t it?)

“Mommy, what’s a heart attack?”

“Well, dear, you remember the Magic School Bus book that talked about how blood brings oxygen to your body and how we need oxygen for our bodies to live?”


“So in a heart attack, the heart can’t get enough oxygen to work so it can’t pump blood to deliver oxygen to the rest of the body. Without oxygen, the whole body dies.”

“Ohhhhhh…..” He chewed on this for a bit. “Mommy, can I die from a heart attack?”

“Well, maybe someday but not for a long, long time. That is why I make you eat your veggies. They help keep you healthy.”

“Ok. I will eat my veggies,” he said solemnly.

I was feeling pretty dang good about the stroke of veggie genius when he ate them without fussing the next night. Woohoo!

Well, last night I apparently made a comment in passing about something giving me a heart attack. He was apparently concerned about this and stewed on it all night. He brought it up to his teacher today.

She wrote the note:

“I hope and pray everything is Ok at home! He said his mother had a heart attack last night. Mrs C.”

Tonight we are learning about idioms…


40 thoughts on “The Perils of Having A Doctor Mom

    • This is true! When my kids have a cough and I am sending them to school anyway I hear from the teachers, “Aw, what a horrible cough!” And then I get the stink eye. Look. They are NOT sick. This isn’t even contagious. It is ALLERGIES. (Trust me…I am a professional.) 😉


  1. I had a heart attack back in 2007 – a massive one, at that. Most unpleasant business – but, apparently, I’m far too ornery to go that way 😉 My wife drove me to the hospital, which took forty minutes. They were a bit mystified that I was alive, pumped me full of stuff to keep me alive and then heloed me to a more advanced facility for emergency surgery. What saved me? Yogic/Meditative breathing, which I used the whole time to combat the excruciating pain and to stay calm. I truly believe that made the difference . . . that, or dumb luck. Thankfully I don’t have a “Hoo-ha,” so it created no issues! Peace . . .


    • 😉 Kids are so unpredictable, what they latch onto and don’t want to let go of. Really, it sounds nice rolling off the tongue to a toddler just learning to explore vocabulary and who has a reasonable level of body curiosity. Mortifying for mommy, though!


  2. I can always count on your blog giving me a honest-to-goodness LOL. But this one came with bonuses in the comments….bwahahahaha. Thanks for another release of stress with the laugh (and you too Callaghan, heh)


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