This morning I read an opinion piece on particle physics “Will the God Particle Destroy Us?” by Meg Urry.

Now, I am not much into particle physics. Hell, I am not much into physics at all except to say that I have become more intimately acquainted with gravity than would like, watching my boobs and other key parts of my body droop. But this article explains it in terms that are easy to understand.

In fact, it seems VERY parallel to biology. We are alive only because all of the different chemical and enzymatic reactions in our cells and bodies are kept in perpetual disequilibrium. As soon as we go to equilibrium, we die. Thus for the universe as well….

Which then got me to thinking about relationships. If we were in complete harmony with each other wouldn’t our relationships eventually cease to exist?

It is the fact that he can infuriate me so much sometimes that keeps me interested. It keeps me in love with him.

Go figure.


16 thoughts on “Disequilibrium

  1. I’m not sure they really have the “God particle”. There are still a lot of questions – if ands and buts. The Boson may exist but that doesn’t prove that much.


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