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I have already mentioned that I dislike drug reps. Ok, maybe hate is a more appropriate term.

Today a hospice rep brought lunch for my staff. I rarely attend these these things because I generally feel the same about home health and hospice reps as I do about drug reps. (Insert rolled eyes here.) It is somewhat necessary to have them come, however, so we know who can offer what services. These agencies are constantly popping up and then disappearing.

My staff, though, kept showing up at my office door as I was trying to catch up on clinic notes and phone calls saying, “Hey, doc, this guy says he is friends with a lot of your friends! You should go say hi!”

He was name dropping like crazy.

Now, I know good and well that he is not friends with these people. Hell, I am not even “friends” with these people. I know them because I have worked with them but we don’t socialize otherwise. They would never say that we were all friends…

These kinds of people anger me. Strutting peacocks.

What made things even more upsetting was that he felt the rules of my clinic did not apply to him. You can be in the break room from 12-1 to talk to the staff but after that, get the hell out. He was still there at 2PM until my office manager kicked him out.

And under absolutely no circumstances are you allowed to wander the clinic and “pop in on Dr. —-” He seriously thought he would just saunter on over and pop his head into my office while I was on the phone chatting with a patient about their vaginal discharge…

He has been banned.


21 thoughts on “Peacock

  1. Luckily I don’t have to deal with this too much in pediatrics. We’re not where the big money is. A few lunches here and there for new products which sometimes proves useful, but no endless schmoozing.


    • 😛 You know what is nice? My office manager is so awesome she sensed he had plopped himself down on the armchair in my office and before I even asked the patient on the phone, “Do you have an odor with that discharge from your hoo-hah?” she had removed him from the premises. I make the rules, she enforces them. A bouncer in stilettos…

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  2. I remember those pests from my days working in the front office of a family practice residency, where reps were absolutely not allowed. It absolutely did not stop them. 😉


  3. When I worked as a nurse, I too couldn’t stomach the reps. They were tolerated, yet, in an SICU, there is certain protocols and a set routine, and when these people showed up, they were informed by a bouncer in heels, IF they disrupt the routine, they were out. Anyways …. I KNOW how you feel. I was gritting my teeth as I was reading your post. (((HUGS))) Amy


  4. I don’t like it when I have already been waiting for an hour in a doctor’s office and then a drug representative shows up. Medicines are great when needed, but they are just too widely pushed, like they are candy. Thank you for speaking freely. I really like your blog.


    • Aw, thanks so much! We just don’t let drug reps have access to the physicians. If they want to drop off samples without talking to us then fine, but no disruption of clinic is allowed! It is a huge pet peeve of mine, too! 🙂


  5. Reblogged this on Smorgasbord – Variety is the spice of life and commented:
    It is no secret that I have had my issues with some members of the medical profession over the years but I do find myself drawn to Behind the White Coast and Victo Dolore as I sense that you would get the sort of down to earth, common sense and practical treatment if you were to ask for a consult. This post tickled me and I wonder what the treatment is for a flea in the ear…..


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