Creeped Out!


“What the world really needs is more love and less paper work.” – Pearl Bailey

I have been doing research for a future post on Medicare. Mind you, I never gave any sites my email address or my name or any other identifying information. No. I was just surfing the web, doing Google searches. I was not logged in under anything.

Not even two hours later I started getting emails for various Medicare scams!

How the hell does that happen?

How do they know?!??!

(Cue the Twilight Zone theme music…)

I may be getting older but I am a more than a couple of decades away from being eligible for Medicare so it wasn’t like it was some demographic thing suddenly got triggered. Nor was I getting Medicare junk beforehand.

Suffice it to say, I am really creeped out.

Now it makes me wonder if there is a more sinister reason that I have been getting all of that porn crap in my junk filter…


33 thoughts on “Creeped Out!

  1. I bought a tie for my husband online. Ten minutes later–yes, ten–an ad for the brand popped up in my Facebook sidebar. I’ve never bought that brand before. Talk about Big Brother. Kind of creeped me out.


  2. LOL, their ability to track us is rather astounding, isn’t it? The implications can get a bit scary. All that data on you is constantly being collected and stored. To make matters worse, we cannot control who has access to our data or for what purpose. We’re really entering a brave new world.


  3. Oh it’s all connected. I can talk, just speak about certain very specific things to my guy and go to search it and put 3 letters into the search bar and guess what comes up!? There are apps in our phones that use the microphones to spy and cookies on our computers etc that send/use data to customize ads for us. We are all going to have to start to wear tin-foil hats soon.


  4. I asked my IT guy friend about this stuff when it kept happening to me. He said that “my” browser on my computer remembers the last things searched, etc…. So it’s like the computer is pulling in that info. I am WAY over simplifying that. But just yesterday my husband was saying that’s why we should clean out our history on our computers frequently.


  5. I read an article a while back and the author refered to this as the “Noosesphere.” We trade aspects of our privacy in order to have free, or very cheap, access to social media and search engines etc. etc. We are contained within the confines of a rope, being exposed products and services in exchange for access to things we enjoy. The noose is tightened when advertisers learn more and more about us through the gazillion bits of data they collect on each individual. The advertising becomes tighter, or narrower, as it becomes more specifically targeted. My fear is when these advertisers manufacture a desire and then offer a way to fullfill that desire they are replacing comminity.


      • I was at a mentalist show a while back. The whole time I was thinking, “I am going to pick the opposite of what he thinks I am going to pick! I’ll get him…” Yeah. Didn’t work. Even our choices in an attempt to not be controlled are controlled and predicted.


      • You may be right but awareness goes a long way toward being able to devise a way to usurp this system. And I always must keep in mind that this is, especailly in historical terms, a product of living in an unparalelled affluent society. So in many ways this is not really so much a problem as it is a puzzle.


  6. And this is just the stuff that “those people” are willing to let us see.

    If you want to get away from “them,” turn off your computer. Then be tracked by all the many other devises out there – license plate readers, cameras at most intersections, any tracking device in your cell phone or car. Awww heck, let’s all put in our orders for those tin-foil hats that Linda Rae mentioned.


  7. I know there are many terrible, frightening implications, and most see it as negative – but I don’t see the problem.

    They know how to tailor advertisements at you better, so what? Does that make you want to stop using the internet?

    I think privacy is dying, and I think that’s OK. The one thing I’ve learned in all of my time on the internet is that nobody really cares what you do, because a million other people are doing it, too.


    • You have excellent points!

      And no, I am not going to stop using the internet.

      But I am NOT ready to be placed in the Medicare bracket yet… 🙂

      I think I will go do a few searches for college applications diapers just to throw it all off!

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